Refund & Cancellation Policy Migsun Rohini

General Refunds & Cancellation Policy For Booking of Migsun Delhi Mall Refunds & Cancellation Policy

All or any disputes arising out or touching upon or in relation to the terms and conditions of this Application/Agreement including the interpretation and validity of the terms and conditions thereof and the respective rights and obligations of the parties shall be settled amicably in mutual discussion. The aggrieved party may also approach the adjudicating officer appointed under the Real Estate Act. The Courts at Delhi, New Delhi, shall have exclusive jurisdiction to entertain the disputes between the parties hereto.


  • All unsuccessful applications will be refunded within 60 Days of the Allotment Date
  • Refunds will be processed on the same account that which user has provided us.
  • There is 100% Refund policy with no charges if Allotment is not confirmed.
  • Cancellation refund will be processed within 60 days after due diligence by the allottee.
  • Please contact for Cancellation and More information.